Reasons to Get a Medicare Supplement Plan

There many reasons to paying monthly premiums for a Medicare Supplement Plans 2019. Medicare supplemental plans is health insurance provided by individual private insurance companies. These insurance companies provide coverage for the medical needs that Medicare does not cover. Some costs may be deductibles, co-payments and medical care if someone travels. These plans do not cover long term care, vision, dental, hearing aids, eyeglasses, contacts or private duty nursing care.  Also many plans do not cover prescriptions.

Here are some motives for securing a Medicare supplement insurance plan.

  1. Your medical bills get paid.

What if you always need to buy costly medical supplies that Medicare covers?  With Medicare Part B there is mostly 80% of your medical needs paid for, but 20% of the medical expenses are going to be your responsibility. You will need to assume the Medicare Part B deductible before Medicare starts to pay the 80%. This deductible can increase each year following the year after enrollment. If you get a Medicare supplemental insurance plan, the 20% of expenses Medicare does not cover will be paid for.


  1. You will be accepted

Depending upon when you purchased your Medicare supplemental plan, the insurance company must accept you whether you have or have not any medical problems and cannot charge you more for these issues. This will depend on when you get your Medicare supplement plan which needs to be done within 6 months of acquiring Medicare Part A and Part B at the age of 65. If you go beyond the 6 months, the insurance company may charge you more for premiums and your existing medical conditions may be declined.


  1. Many plans to choose from:

Many insurance companies will submit a variety of Medicare supplement plans that are available to everyone. Some of the plans that have larger coverage will have more expensive premiums.


  1. Possibility of coverage outside the U.S.

If someone travels beyond the United States and one has some medical issues, some Medicare supplemental insurance plans will help pay for the medical costs.


  1. Deciding your options

Getting Medicare supplement insurance will cover most of your medical services you require. You also have the option of choosing a Medicare prescription plan to help pay for those costly medicines one may need during an illness.

These are the considerations one should think about when purchasing a Medicare supplemental insurance plan for their medical needs.